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*silent tears*

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A quote from Penelope Garcia, Jennifer Jareau. Season 3 Episode 19. Criminal Minds quote of the day.  (via youkicklikeanineyearoldgirl-cm)

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Garcia (speaking over the phone to adoption services): Yes, I know, 54 Native Americans. Ma’am, I have all that. What I really need now is identifiable information. (pauses, as JJ steps into the room) Yes, I know what a closed adoption means. Do you know what a court order means?
JJ: We don’t have time for court orders.
Garcia: Right. Well, you know what Ma’am, I am done being nice. If you look to your cursor, you’ll notice that it’s moving on its own. That’s me hacking your secure network. Now I’ve got her file, now I’ve got her social, and now, because you’re grumpy, I’m going to send your boss those Jamaican vacation photos. Check you out, no tan lines.

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Miss Garcia, you really have to stay for this.

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i love me some penelope garcia


i love me some penelope garcia


Matthew Gray Gubler ♥

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